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During my career as a Statistician I have had the opportunity to participate in many aspects of government, academia and industry. In addition to traditional academic teaching and research, I have had the opportunity to provide short courses to industry; been involved in initiating quality programs at Pollard Banknote, The University of Manitoba and Western University; conducted industrial research; and provided civil service for the Governments of Canada and Jamaica. I have had the opportunity to apply my research on “process capability” within several industries, while my civil service has focused on the areas of Food/Drug testing and Gender studies.

I am firmly committed to developing the interface between industry and academia and believe that both benefit substantially through contact. I have been heavily involved in “technology transfer” over the past thirty years, including opportunities to provide/conduct industrial short courses for a variety of industries, extensive consulting with industry, implementation of quality programs and process re-engineering at Pollard Banknote Ltd., The University of Manitoba and Western University.

My most recent civil service opportunity allowed me to provide statistical advise and resources to the Bureau of Womens' Affairs, Office of the Prime Minister, Jamaica regarding Gender Equality and Violence against Women.

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Fred Spiring

Fred Spiring, Ph.D., P.Stat.

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